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In Spring, a Paper Company’s Thoughts Turn to… Humidity

Spring is a season of growth and renewal but at Guy’s E. Paper helping our print shop and in-plant printer clients grow their businesses is a year-round effort. Because any paper company can sell you paper, we’ve made it our practice to provide printing solutions. That includes sharing our expertise around paper, printing, and industry best practices. In addition to all of the other business challenges we are navigating right now, the change of seasons is a good time to review some best [...]

2024-02-19T13:33:31-06:00February 18, 2024|Specialty Paper News|

Print Shops Have More to Offer Than Ink

Printers thrive on materials for marketing collateral, product instructions, magazines, catalogs, signage, and literature of all sorts. Most of these applications place ink or toner on a white media of various weights. The creativity, color, and shade come from the designer. The printer applies their technical expertise to finishing a quality good. In this typical scenario, there is little differentiation from one printer to the next, assuming both printers claim to provide outstanding service. So, what is “outstanding service?” How can you define [...]

2024-02-19T13:30:51-06:00February 3, 2024|Specialty Paper News|

Bright Business Solutions with Fluorescent Papers

At Guys E. Paper, we love paper, which is why we love solving business problems with paper. Whether by being an amazing service provider or helping our customers innovate, we live and breathe paper solutions. Take fluorescent paper as an example. Your eye is naturally drawn to it. We are hard-coded by nature to notice bright colors. They warn us of venom, alert us to traffic conditions, and draw us into their beauty. Using bright colors in business is nothing new. From highlighting [...]

2024-02-19T13:32:59-06:00December 26, 2023|Specialty Paper News|
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