What goes into the perfect drinking straw? The answer is paper. That is not the answer anyone would have given ten years ago. Even recently, you’ve likely used a paper drinking straw and thought, “Gee, this straw is terrible, but at least I’m not hurting the environment.” Well, that’s not good enough.

At Guy’s E. Paper, we love paper, and we also happen to enjoy our beverages with straws. It’s our duty to solve paper problems and defend paper’s reputation. Unfortunately, the market is full of cheap paper straws that really are terrible. They become soggy and sloppy and taste like paper pulp.

You see, straw manufacturers set out to make paper straws that met the environmental regulations being established around the globe. However, they had little experience dealing with paper. Paper is porous, has various fiber qualities, additives, and many other factors that a paper company understands. So, being the paper experts we are, we set out to make the perfect drinking straw.

Our Conditions for Research and Development:

  • Clean, food-grade manufacturing
  • Strength to last 24 hours is soda
  • Resists spilling with carbonated beverages
  • Taste-free in water, tea, or any beverage
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and 100% recyclable

Clean, Food-Grade Manufacturing:

We make our straws in our Illinois plant, under our supervision in a clean environment. Paper is porous, so we fully automated the line from forming and coating to cutting and wrapping. Guy’s E. Paper also learned we needed to add a couple of proprietary steps in the process that would make all the difference. Of course, all binding, coating, and materials had to be food-grade and eco-friendly.

Strength to Last 24 Hours in Soda:

Surviving in soda was critical. Every soda contains carbonic acid created by the combination of water, carbon dioxide, and pressure. But that’s not all. Fruity sodas can contain citric acid, and many sodas contain phosphoric acid for a sharper taste and as a preservative. These acids wreak havoc on paper. Our straw needed to endure 24 hours of battle.

Resists Spilling Over with Carbonated Drinks:

Carbonated drinks also climb up regular paper straws. The upward bubbling, combined with viscosity and porous paper, causes carbonated liquids to climb up cheap paper straws. Plastic straws easily resist this problem because they are too slick. Our straw needed to keep this mess from happening.

Taste-Free in Water, Tea, or Any Drink:

There is nothing worse than drinking a delicate iced tea and mainly tasting paper. Okay, a bug live or dead in your drink would be worse. But you didn’t want a paper-pulp-infused iced tea. You ordered a pomegranate-infused black tea that cost you five dollars, and you didn’t want it to taste like a college-ruled notebook. Our straw needed to be tasteless in a refined way.

Eco-Friendly, Biodegradable, and 100% Recyclable:

Paper has been given a bad rap for a long time. However, you will not find a giant floating island of paper in the middle of an ocean. It isn’t collecting in a river delta or caught in an animal’s throat. Paper goes away, and when our paper straws go away, they leave nothing unwanted behind. The paper pulp is sourced sustainably, and all binding and materials are food-grade, safe for consumption, soil, and waterways.

We Made the Best Straw

The result of our labor of love wasn’t the best paper straw but the best straw. We named it BOSS straw because it is the boss. It features all the benefits of plastic straws while being safe for the environment and economical to produce. BOSS straw meets every sustainability goal (quality, cost-effective, and eco-friendly). We are so confident in our product, we opened a new business dedicated to straws, Enviro Sip Straw, and prepared our fully automated production line for distribution across the United States.