Verso Productolith Pts. Premium Digital Coated Paper

Verso Productolith Pts. Digital

Discover the Premier Choice for Digital Caliper Covers and SBS Paperboard

Verso Productolith Pts. Premium Digital stands at the forefront of digital printing solutions, offering the renowned quality and reliability of the traditional Productolith line, now optimized for digital applications. Experience unmatched smoothness and a whiter-than-white shade with a 92 brightness level that ensures exceptional printability and a premium appearance. Ideal for digital offset production and color laser printing, Productolith Pts. Digital is endorsed by leading digital equipment manufacturers and boasts three environmental certifications, making it your trusted choice for sustainable, high-quality digital printing needs.

Key Features That Set Productolith Pts. Digital Apart

  • Versatile Performance: Engineered for outstanding results on both dry and liquid toner printers, color and black & white laser printers, and digital offset technologies.
  • Trusted Quality: Renowned SBS board/caliper cover designed specifically for digital printing.
  • Finish Options: Offers both coated one-sided and two-sided options for versatility.
  • Exceptional Finish: Features an exceptionally smooth, non-glare finish for superior print quality.
  • Equipment Compatibility: Fully guaranteed for use with Xerox iGen Series, HP Indigo (Rochester Institute of Technology certified), and Kodak NexPress (Rochester Institute of Technology qualified).
  • Consistent Quality: Maintains the consistent brightness and shade you expect from Productolith Pts.
  • Enhanced Image Quality: Superior toner adhesion enhances image reproduction for sharper, more vibrant prints.
  • Precision Engineering: Precision-cut to prevent paper edge bonding jams and duplex registration issues, ensuring a smooth printing process.
  • Quality Control: Undergoes strict quality control to produce ultra-clean paper, reducing dust contamination and prolonging equipment life.
  • Moisture Protection: Protected with vapor barrier wrapping to prevent moisture absorption and paper curling and jamming.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: Manufactured domestically, embodying pride and quality in every sheet.

Versatile Applications for Your Creative Projects

From folding cartons and cosmetic packaging to on-demand printing and direct mail, Productolith Pts. Digital Coated SBS Paperboard is ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Software Packaging
  • Table Tents
  • Pocket Folders
  • Variable Imaging
  • Postcards
  • Business Cards
  • Menus
  • Tags, Tickets, and Labels
  • Book Covers

Choose Productolith Pts. Digital for your next project and experience the difference that high-quality, environmentally responsible digital printing paper can make.


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Type Grade Size Part # M Wgt.
Productolith Pts. Digital 10 pt. Semi-gloss C1S 18" X 12" NP269515 67
19" X 13" NP274147* 76
20" X 14" NP269517* 87
12 pt. Semi-gloss C1S 18" X 12" NP269518 79
19" X 13" NP274149 90
20" X 14" NP269520* 102
14 pt. Semi-gloss C1S 18" X 12" NP269521 95
19" X 13" NP274151* 109
20" X 14" NP269523* 124
16 pt. Semi-gloss C1S 18" X 12" NP354088* 101
19" X 13" NP354424* 115

*4 Carton Minimum

Type Grade Size Part # M Wgt.
Productolith Pts. Digital 10 pt. Semi-gloss C1S 18" X 12" NP269524* 73
19" X 13" NP274152* 83
20" X 14" NP269525* 94
12 pt. Semi-gloss C1S 18" X 12" NP269526 85
19" X 13" NP274154* 97
20" X 14" NP269527* 110
14 pt. Semi-gloss C1S 18" X 12" NP286466* 99
19" X 13" NP286468* 113
20" X 14" NP286467* 128
16 pt. Semi-gloss C1S 18" X 12" NP354247* 107
19" X 13" NP354427* 122

*4 Carton Minimum


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