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Since its inception in 1955, French Paper has set the benchmark for sustainable paper solutions with Speckletone, the pioneering 100% recycled paper adorned with unique flecks and shives. Speckletone’s distinctive, rugged appearance not only defines timeless beauty but has also become a hallmark of the French brand’s identity. Each sheet embodies the essence of our small-town, American spirit, showcasing our commitment to quality and environmental responsibility.

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Versatile Applications for Your Creative Endeavors

Speckletone’s text and cover weight papers are perfect for a wide range of uses, blending durability with aesthetic appeal:

  • Striking Posters and Art Prints
  • Elegant Invitations
  • Professional Folders and Brochures
  • Impactful Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Stylish Menus
  • Exquisite Luxury Tags
  • Sturdy Folding Boards and Box Wraps

Enhance Your Projects with Matching Envelopes

Complete your project with our matching envelopes, available in every Speckletone color to ensure your design’s consistency and impact. Sizes include #10 Commercial, A-7, A-6, A-2, A-1, Booklet, and Square, catering to all your mailing needs.

Commitment to Quality with Our Electronic Imaging Guarantee

French Paper advocates for the use of heat-resistant inks for projects that combine different printing technologies. We stand behind the performance of our 70 lb. text Speckletone paper for laser and inkjet printers and copiers, contingent upon prior customer testing. To support your selection process, we offer sample packs, with a guarantee that extends to replacement paper, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Note: Due to the nature of Speckletone’s water-soluble dyes, we advise caution for items exposed to conditions that might lead to fading or dye bleed.

Choose French Paper Speckletone for Your Next Project

Opt for Speckletone by French Paper and join the legacy of designers and creators who prioritize both environmental integrity and exquisite design. Let Speckletone be the canvas for your creativity, where sustainability meets unparalleled style.

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