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Unleash the full potential of your creative projects with French Paper Pop-Tone, the paper line that’s a feast for the eyes. Inspired by the vibrant energy of pop culture, including pop art, pop music, and even the fizzy delight of Pop Rocks, Pop-Tone offers a spectrum of 24 dynamic colors designed to make your designs not just seen, but remembered.

Stocking Items

* Available in Sweet Tooth, Whip Cream, Sno Cone, Pink Lemonade, and Hot Fudge

A Diverse Palette for Every Project

Our Pop-Tone collection comes in a variety of sizes and weights to perfectly complement any task:

  • Sheet Sizes: From the versatile 8.5 x 11 inches to the expansive 26 x 40 inches.
  • Basis Weights: Ranging from 70 Text for your everyday needs to 140 Cover for when durability meets design.
  • Vibrant Choices: Featuring exclusive shades like Sweet Tooth, Whip Cream, Sno Cone, Pink Lemonade, and Hot Fudge.

Creative Applications Unlimited

Pop-Tone is your go-to choice for:

  • Eye-Catching Brochures and Booklets
  • Stylish Folders and Greeting Cards
  • Impactful Direct Mail and Flyers
  • Elegant Menus and Box Wraps
  • Durable Folding Boards
  • Unique Gift Cards & Tags

Complete Your Vision with Matching Envelopes

Ensure a cohesive look across your project with envelopes in every Pop-Tone color, available in various sizes including #10 Commercial, A-7, A-6, A-2, A-1, Booklet, and Square.

Commitment to Quality with Our Electronic Imaging Guarantee

French Paper stands by the exceptional performance of their 70 lb text Pop-Tone paper across laser and inkjet printers and copiers, contingent on pre-use testing by their customers. French Paper is so confident in Pop-Tone’s quality that they offer sample packs for testing, with a promise of replacement paper if it doesn’t meet your standards.

Note: As Pop-Tone utilizes water-soluble dyes for its captivating colors, we advise against their use in environments prone to moisture or direct sunlight to preserve the vibrancy of your projects.

Elevate Your Creative Work with French Paper Pop-Tone

Choose Pop-Tone for your next project and experience how the right paper can transform your creative vision into a tangible masterpiece. With Pop-Tone, it’s not just paper – it’s a canvas for creativity.

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