Printing in Humidity

Spring is a season of growth and renewal but at Guy’s E. Paper helping our print shop and in-plant printer clients grow their businesses is a year-round effort.

Because any paper company can sell you paper, we’ve made it our practice to provide printing solutions. That includes sharing our expertise around paper, printing, and industry best practices.

In addition to all of the other business challenges we are navigating right now, the change of seasons is a good time to review some best practices around paper and climate.

Prevent Premature Printer Demise & Paper Jams

Preventing the paper problems that can damage your presses and printers starts with using high-quality paper.  Low-quality paper, especially job lot paper or what you may find in warehouse clubs/mass merchant outlets, is a bigger risk to your equipment than you may realize. The frequent jams caused by poor-quality paper will eventually lead to equipment damage and reduce the lifespan of your biggest investment.

Guy’s E. Paper is proud to distribute branded products like Boise Paper who guarantee their product to run jam-free 99.99% of the time. If there is more than one jam in 10,000 sheets in your high-speed digital equipment, Boise Paper will provide a refund up to the total purchase price of the paper – or replace it.

High-quality paper like Boise not only eliminates the risk of jams, but also offers protection against the problems that humidity can bring, down to the way it arrives wrapped and boxed to keep moisture out.

In some climates, like parts of the South where the humidity can reach 100%, low-quality paper is more susceptible to curling caused by the combination of moisture and press tension. Curl can also be caused by press issues, but the best practice for avoiding these issues is to use good quality paper and to keep it wrapped in plastic until you’re ready to use it.

Heat-Tested and Toner-Ready Paper to Weather any Conditions

High-quality digital paper is made to weather the high temperature required for optimal toner fusion, whether you are using liquid or dry toner. Good paper manufacturers don’t just take this for granted – they study the process and subject paper and paper coatings to testing that includes laboratory analysis. High-quality papers are also tested for accuracy in the feeding process. Coated, digital paper made in the U.S. offers the highest-quality for toner-based printing because the toner fusion process and ink adhesion requirements are thoroughly investigated by the product brands we carry for our customers.

Paper Shipping & Storage Issues

Paper vendor guarantees are great, but there’s more to ensuring a high-quality paper supply than where it begins. Poor shipping and storage practices make things worse, leading to paper stock that won’t lay flat and causes jams. Overseas paper can sit for long periods in the supply chain, exposing it to unfavorable changes in heat and humidity that can further degrade its quality.

Equipment Damage Prevention Recommendations

You can prevent damage to your printing equipment – and your reputation – by following these recommendations:

• Start with high-quality paper,
• Buy from paper suppliers with expertise in protecting printing equipment
• Know your paper supplier’s shipping practices and quality guarantees
• Store all paper inventory in a climate-controlled setting and monitor humidity
• Reduce the need to store paper by using just-in-time delivery and consignment inventory

Grow Your Business in Every Season with a Reliable Paper Partner

At Guys E. Paper, our customers never get anything less than the highest quality, American-made paper, shipped in specially designed packaging to prevent damage, and with a 100% guarantee of arriving in good condition or we will replace it the next day at no charge.

We know this is not an easy time for many print shops, but when was the printing business ever easy? Like you, we do it because we love it. Give us a call or click on the link below to learn more about how we can help you manage whatever challenges you are facing, rain or shine.