Our purpose is to help save you money, then make more.

We do so by solving paper problems and helping you increase sales with the world’s largest selection of specialty paper, customization services and deep industry knowledge – with no minimums!

Your success is our success.

We Know the Challenges You Face

Small and mid-size printers, as well as in-plant printers, face plenty of challenges to growing revenues and profitability.

Industry experts cite changing customer expectations, new applications and evolving technology among the shifts that print providers will have to navigate in order to remain successful in 2020. And chief among print customer expectations is an intensifying focus on ROI.

To compete, new ways to differentiate beyond price are needed, but you don’t have to do it alone. When you partner with the right paper supplier, you reap benefits that that you can pass on to your customers, from a reliable source of high-quality products to a knowledgeable resource for technical and industry expertise.

Paper & Printing Expertise that Will Set You Apart

We have decades of experience in the printing business, with a particular expertise around specialty papers, including:

When you partner with us, our expertise is your expertise. We’re available to you from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to get you what you need and solve your printing problems.

Challenge us: we have solutions for any print problem you have that go well beyond the paper we sell.

High Quality Paper with No Minimums

Our business practices were built around the needs of printers. We supply as little as one ream and you can mix and match products within each box. We are the only paper company in the world that will perforate, collate and punch with no minimum order.

This helps our clients reduce inventory and turn it over quickly – we also offer consignment options for some of our customers to further reduce cash flow tied up in inventory while still being able to give your customers what they want without making them wait.

The Guys E. Paper Quality Guarantee

Our paper is guaranteed. Whether it’s carbonless, fluorescent, sublimation rolls, or perforated, we stand behind it. If you have an issue, we will replace it.

The reason? We only sell high-quality paper—not just for the best results—but for the sake of your equipment. Poor quality paper doesn’t just produce poor quality printing, it also takes a toll on printing equipment. Our paper is not only an investment in your reputation, it can also protect your investment in equipment and reduce your maintenance costs.

Fast, Damage-Free Shipping: Another Guarantee

We’ve developed and include extra shipping packaging to ensure your paper order shows up intact. In the few cases when there is damage, we guarantee next-day shipping at no charge to you. How can you beat that?

Our clients depend on us to be able to keep their promises, so we tend to sweat the details like making sure our product arrives in perfect condition, no matter how far it has to go.

Bringing Profitability Back to Printers, One Ream at a Time

What would it be like if you could trust your paper supplier to provide the fastest delivery of the highest-quality paper and printing supplies, customized for whatever you need, with guaranteed quality and shipping, no minimums, flexible business options for managing inventory – and technical know-how to solve any paper, ink and printing problem?