spring flowers tulips on yellow background

As the snow melts and the first buds of spring appear, it’s time to reflect the season’s renewal in your print projects. With a palette inspired by spring itself, our range of colored papers from brands like American Eagle Color ® 100, French Paper Construction, and our exclusive e.paper® Super Bright Neon Fluorescent Paper, offers endless possibilities to infuse your work with the vibrancy of spring.


Why Choose Spring Colors?

Spring colors are more than just visually appealing; they symbolize new beginnings, energy, and growth. Using these hues in your print jobs can convey a sense of freshness and innovation, making your materials stand out.


Our Spring Color Collection

  • American Eagle Color ® 100 and Springhill Digital Opaque: Ideal for crisp, professional documents that require a subtle touch of color.
  • French Paper’s Vibrant Selections: With Construction, Glo-Tone, Kraft-Tone, Parch Tone, Pop-Tone, and Speckletone, these papers offer a robust palette for creative projects needing a pop of color.
  • e.paper® Super Bright Neon Fluorescent Paper: Make a bold statement with the only fluorescent paper made in the USA, perfect for eye-catching flyers and posters that capture the essence of spring.


Application Ideas with Colored Papers

From marketing materials and business reports to invitations and art projects, our spring colors can elevate various print jobs. Whether you’re aiming for a subtle hint of spring or a bold blast of color, we have the paper to match your vision.

As you embrace the season of renewal, let your print projects bloom with our array of spring-colored papers. Visit our collection and discover how these vibrant hues can bring your creative ideas to life.


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