At Guys E. Paper, we love paper, which is why we love solving business problems with paper. Whether by being an amazing service provider or helping our customers innovate, we live and breathe paper solutions. Take fluorescent paper as an example. Your eye is naturally drawn to it.

We are hard-coded by nature to notice bright colors. They warn us of venom, alert us to traffic conditions, and draw us into their beauty. Using bright colors in business is nothing new. From highlighting notes to keeping us from slipping on the floor, there are many applications for fluorescents to keep us safe and productive.

However, in a world so focused on digital solutions, sometimes we forget that something as simple as a sheet of paper can solve significant problems. Recently, one of our industrial customers needed an urgent replacement for their bad material tags. The tags are essential to their business because they identify unusable materials.

The customer’s feedback made us feel great. “The color, quality, and fast delivery confirmed that we chose the right company to buy this paper from. The bright Neon Lemon is used as a visual to spot a mile away. Before using your Lemon paper, it was difficult to know which tags identified the material as being bad unless you were up close to it…”.

They also appreciated all the samples we provided. Whether you need a bright color for a label, sign, flyer, announcement, invitation, newsletter, or menu, we have what you need in stock and ready to ship. Take a look at our super bright neon fluorescent e.brand® papers here. We also offer a wide variety of stylish colored papers.

What business problem could you solve with a bit more attention? Give fluorescent paper a try.


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