Specialty Paper Consultation

Share your printing headaches with us and we’ll identify solutions for you – paper related or not.

Solve Your Printing Problems & Reduce Costs

Many suppliers can sell you paper, but won’t help you optimize printing on it.

We manufacture specialty paper, so we understand how printers operate: your process, your offset and digital printers, and how you need to operate your equipment. We’re not just selling paper but troubleshooting the printing process.

We can help you solve problems like when the imaging is in wrong direction or the print job won’t glue, won’t pad, curls up, or has fuzzy edges when cut. We can solve just about any print-related problem. Using higher quality paper can also improve your bottom line by cutting the risk of equipment damage and scrapped runs that low-quality paper poses.

We can also help you find ways to reduce costs in your operation including paper costs with our policy of no minimums, free freight, mix and match reams, consignment inventory, flexible payment terms, and more.

Seize New Printing Opportunities

Our selection of high-quality specialty paper can be a game changer, enabling our printer customers to do more for their customers. Combined with our ability to customize your order with any type of bright colors, perforation, collation, punching, carbonless paper and forms in 2-6+ parts, and more, expands the role of our printer customers as a printing consultant instead of a commodity service.

Specialty paper produces higher quality print jobs that get noticed and drives repeat business.

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