From inception, Boise® FIREWORX™ colored papers have captured the attention of users. While others separate colors into categories, the 28 colors in the Boise FIREWORX line span the spectrum and challenge the imagination.

Building on high performance and a robust offering of exciting shades, Boise FIREWORX products are engineered for environmental sustainability.

  • All Boise FIREWORX colored papers carry either Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI®) Chain of Custody certification.
  • Additionally, Boise FIREWORX ream wrap is made from paper! Unlike petroleum-based plastic wrap, paper wrap is easily biodegradable and made from wood, a sustainable resource.
  • Nearly all papers in the Boise FIREWORX line contain 30% recycled fiber.
Basis Product NumberSizeSheets/ReamReams/CartonColors
20/50MP-2201-xx8-1/2” X 11”50010BE, BF, CHE, CY, GD, GN, GRP. GS, GY, IY, LV, OR, PK, PNK, SN, TN
MP-2204-xx8-1/2” X 14”50010BE, CY, GD, GN, IY, PK
MP-2207-xx11” X 17”5005BE, BF, CY, GD, GN, GY, IY, LV, OR, SN
FW-20018-1/2” X 11”5005Assorted Pack: PK, CY, GS, BE, LV
24/60 MP-2241-xx8-1/2” X 11”50010AA, BA, BE, CY, ED. FA, GE, GD, GN, HP, IY, LE, LN, OR, PK, RY, SN.TE.TL
MP-2247-xx11” X 17”5005AA, BA, GD, HP. LE, LN. TE
FW-24018-1/2” X 11”5005Assorted Pack: RYTE, BA, ED, AA
Cover 65 MP-2651-xx8-1/2” X 11”25010AA. BA, BE, BW, CYFA, GN.HP, IY, LE. PK, RY, SN, TE, TL
FW-65018-1/2” X 11”2505Assorted Pack: BE, CY, GN, PK, SN
Bristol 67MP-6711-xx8-1/2” X 11”2505BE, CY, DW, GY, IY
MP-6717-xx11” X 17”2505BE, CY, GD, GN. GY, IY. OR, PK
Index 90 2352498-1/2” X 11”25010DW
1102351628-1/2” X 11”2508DW
MP-1101-xx8-1/2” X 11”2505BE, CY. GN, IY