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Carbonless Paper that Achieves a Higher Standard

Make the Best Impression with Multipage Carbonless (2-6+ Pages) There are two characteristics you need in any carbonless paper. One, it needs to make a clear impression on each page. Secondly, the paper needs to run cleanly through your printer, resisting streaks and jams. Poor performing paper can create waste, lost productivity, or even costly mistakes. High-quality carbonless stock transfers a clear impression on each sheet. Lower quality carbonless papers have unevenly laid capsules that cause smudgy, fuzzy and spotty impressions. Lack of [...]

2024-02-19T13:35:38-06:00December 5, 2023|Specialty Paper News|

Perf, Punch & Collate: Do More for Your Customers with Customization Services

When you own a printing business or run an in-plant print center, you wear a lot of hats. And sales is one of the most important. If you can't sell your products and services at a profit, then you’ll be out of business pretty quickly. In the printing business, there are many paper supplier options, but it's hard to make money and run in the black if you’re dealing with an ordinary vendor that requires large minimum orders and supplies you with only [...]

2024-02-19T13:35:57-06:00November 18, 2023|Specialty Paper News|

Grow Your Printing Business with Specialty Paper

If you run a printing business or in-plant print center, standing out from the competition and adding value is always a challenge. But trying to grow by offering the same products and services as everyone else is something else entirely. At Guy's E. Paper, we're not just a paper supplier. We're a paper partner. We sell paper, but what we really provide is a way around the obstacles standing between our customers and their business goals. Our printer customers depend on us to [...]

2024-02-19T13:36:19-06:00November 10, 2023|Specialty Paper News|

Guys E. Paper Names Industry Veteran to Help Lead Company

New president brings over a decade of experience to Woodstock, Ill.-based specialty paper and print products supply company Gopal Iyengar, a veteran of the paper and packaging industry with 12 years of operations, management, financial and technical consulting experience, has been named president of Guys E. Paper, LLC, a Woodstock, IL-based paper supply company specializing in carbonless paper and custom perforation services. Iyengar's experience includes a wide array of manufacturing operations and product development roles with a focus on strategic planning, innovation and [...]

2020-06-30T04:19:02-05:00May 13, 2020|Specialty Paper News|
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