Make the Best Impression with Multipage Carbonless (2-6+ Pages)

Healthcare Medical Forms Paper

There are two characteristics you need in any carbonless paper. One, it needs to make a clear impression on each page. Secondly, the paper needs to run cleanly through your printer, resisting streaks and jams. Poor performing paper can create waste, lost productivity, or even costly mistakes.

High-quality carbonless stock transfers a clear impression on each sheet. Lower quality carbonless papers have unevenly laid capsules that cause smudgy, fuzzy and spotty impressions. Lack of clarity can lead to difficulties in reading and mistakes. In the medical industry this could lead to costly delays or worse, while in manufacturing and warehousing you might ship the wrong material or quantity to a wrong address.

Apart from clear transfer impressions, high-quality carbonless paper has better runnability. Made from stronger fibers, it resists jamming, dusting, and curling so you can run it through your printer or press faster with less waste. This also means less wear on your equipment and improved productivity.

High Quality Paper with a Full Replacement Guarantee

Guy’s E. Paper Carbonless Stock is known for its superior quality, backed by a full replacement guarantee, and flexible terms especially suited for the print industry. Our waterfall application of carbonless capsules provides industry-leading clarity on every sheet whether the second part or the seventh.

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Start making a better impression today by scheduling a Specialty Paper Consultation. We can help you identify the best carbonless and other specialty papers as well as show you how to cut unnecessary costs and increase printing efficiency.