FloorShark® Textured Floor Graphics
KernowPrint® PRO Synthetic Media for Dry Toner

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FloorShark® is the fastest way to produce anti-slip certified floor graphics. Made of ultra-tough polyester, FloorShark® is durable without the need to laminate. KernowPrint® FloorShark® has been rigorously tested and certified for slip resistance with Kernow’s unique sharkskin coating. It’s perfect for indoor environments and can be applied to all smooth and hard floors, including low pile carpet tiles.

It is ready to use straight from the output tray, and tough enough to survive extreme conditions, wet environments and frequent handling. Unlike laminated and encapsulated papers that delaminate and deteriorate, KernowPrint PRO synthetic media is waterproof through and through for superior durability.

  • Certified slip resistance with unique “sharkskin” coating (R10 certified)
  • No shrinkage or dirty edges
  • No need to laminate — simply print and apply
  • Fast drying — great printability
  • Resists heavy traffic — from high heels to trucks


Description Size Sheets Per Carton Part #
Textured Floor Graphic Film/Paper Liner (7.1 mil) 12 x 18 50 P46-71
250 P46-73