Paper Shipments: 100% Guarantee

Do your paper shipments arrive damaged in boxes with crushed edges? If so, you’ve come to the right place. All Guy’s E. Paper customers experience damage-free shipping, guaranteed, for orders of bond, envelopes, carbonless paper and forms, and all other paper we carry.

If you’re like most printers, you probably don’t want to hold extra inventory because your next shipment might arrive damaged. Combined with our consignment inventory option, no minimums and free freight, our shipping guarantee helps you keep your paper inventory down without worrying about being short for a rush print job – the type of scenario that could result in a lost order.

How We Do It

We’ve developed and include extra shipping packaging that has passed a harsh series of drop-testing to ensure your paper order shows up intact.

In the rare instance of a damaged shipment, we guarantee next-day shipping at no charge to you no matter how big the shipment or what’s included.

Who else offers you that?

Our clients depend on us to be able to keep their promises, so we tend to sweat the details like making sure our product arrives in perfect condition, no matter how far it has to go. Get the right paper, at the right time, damage-free.

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