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Ask your Guy’s E Paper sales rep for the complete 100-page catalog of all our press supplies from manufactures such as  3M, Anchor Chemistry, Baseline, Fiberweb, Pantone, Rogersol, Day International, and Van Son, to name a few.

Guy’s E.Paper truly is your “One Stop Paper Shop,”  where you can get all of your carbonless and specialty papers, as well as your press supplies, including but not limited to Aerosols, Blankets, Cutters & Blades, Gloves, Padding Supplies, Rules & Line Gauges and Spray Powder.

Ask your Guy’s E sales rep today for more information and how you can get your catalog. 

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Clean Up Sheets
ST=Straight Edge | SL=Slotted | PB=Pinbar
Baseline Jamada
500/55011” X 15-1/2"PB
500/50010-7/8” X 15-3/4" SL
600/660/66512” X 18-1/32"PB
601/602/611/61212” X 18-3/16"PB
70015-1/2” X 18-1/2"PB
70015-1/2” X 18-1/2"SL
800 17 HOLE15-1/2” X 20-1/2"SL
800 18 HOLE15-1/2” X 20-1/2"SL
80015-7/8” X 20-1/2"SL
Baseline Itek
95010-5/8” X 15-1/2”SL
96011-1/2” X 18-5/8”PB
97513” X 18-5/8”PB
98513-1/2” X 18-5/8”PB
98513-1/2” X 19-3/8”PB
398513-1/4” X 19-5/32”SE
Baseline Miehle
2015-5/8” X 20-5/8”SE
2219-3/8” X 22-7/8”SE
2219-3/8” X 22-3/4”SE
Baseline Ryobi
270010-5/8” X 15-1/2”SL
KR 2800 CD XL11-1/2” X 19-3/8”PB
280011-1/2” X 18-5/8”PB
320013” X 18-5/8”PB
3200 MCD13-1/2” X 18-5/8”PB
3200 MCD13-1/2” X 19-3/8”PB
320012-3/4” X 18-1/2”SE
330213-3/4” X 19-5/32”SE
480D/500N19” X 16-1/16”SL
Baseline Rotaprint
38/5019-1/2" X 16-3/5"PB
Baseline Taka
4700CD13-1/2" X 18-5/8"PB