Paper Shades that Say All the Right Things
No matter the message, make it pop with the 29 fresh shades of Boise® FIREWORX®. Perfect for color coding, announcements, flyers, invitations, and manuals, Boise FIREWORX is an ideal way to attract attention to your print communications. As part of Boise’s line of Impact papers, Boise FIREWORX is designed specifically for better document appearance.
Your memorable messages are also simple to produce. Since Boise FIREWORX is formulated for excellent runnability in all office equipment, putting your ideas in color is only limited by your imagination.

Features & Benefits:
• Compatible with all office equipment and printers
• Formulated for excellent runnability, resulting in faster printing and less downtime
• Available in 29 fresh and bold shades that get your message noticed
• Ideal for announcements,bulletins, invitations, forms,flyers, and direct mail
• Contains 30% post-consumer recycled fiber content unless otherwise noted
• FSC chain-of-custody certified
• Supports building urban parks through Project UP™
• Laser guaranteed

WeightProduct NumberWeightCaliperSizeSheets/ ReamReams/ CartonColors
20/50MP-2201-Color Code1604.058½” X 11”50010BE, BF, CHE, CY, GN, GRP, GS, GY, IY, LV, OR, PK, PKN, SN, TN, TT
MP-2201P-Color Code1604.058½” X 11”-3HP50010BE, CY, GN, PK
MP-2204-Color Code1604.058½” X 14”50010BE, CY, GRP, GN, IY, PK
MP-2207-Color Code1604.0511” X 17”5005BE, BF, CY, GN, IY, PK
FW-20011604.058½” X 11”5005Assorted pack: PK, CY, GS, BE, LV
24/60MP-2241-Color Code1604.708½” X 11”50010AA, BA, BE, CY, ED, FA, GE, GD, GN, HP, IY, LE, LN, OR, PK, RY, TE, TL
FW-24SB-PX1604.708½” X 11”5005Assorted pack: AA, BA, ED, RY, TE
65MP-2651-Color Code8½” X 11”25010AA, BA, BE, BW, CY, GN, HP, IY, LE, PK, RY, TE
FW-65BC-PX8½” X 11”2505Assorted pack: TE, AA, LE, BA, RY
FW-65018½” X 11”2505Assorted pack: BE, CY, GN, IY, PK
67*MP-6711-Color Code8½” X 11”25010BE, CY, DW, GN, IY, PK
90*2352498½” X 11”2505DW
110*2351628½” X 11”2508DW
MP-1101-Color Code8½” X 11”2505BE, CY, GN, IY