Productolith Pts. Digital 

 Sterling Ultra Digital C1S*

High-quality versatility. Like its offset counterpart, Sterling Ultra Digital is the ideal everyday paper. The most comprehensive coated digital line available, it is offered in a full range of finishes, weights and sizes. Attractive price points make it the perfect choice for a multitude of high-quality creative applications. It has the added benefit of availability in a version made specifically for HP Indigo printing presses.

n  Flyers
n  Books
n  Newsletters
n  Brochures
n  Posters
n  Invitations
n  Direct mail
n  Presentation

TypeGrade SizePart #M Wgt.
Productolith Pts. Digital 10 pt. Semi-gloss C1S18" X 12"NP26951567
19" X 13"NP274147*76
20" X 14"NP269517*87
12 pt. Semi-gloss C1S18" X 12"NP26951879
19" X 13"NP27414990
20" X 14"NP269520*102
14 pt. Semi-gloss C1S18" X 12"NP26952195
19" X 13"NP274151*109
20" X 14"NP269523*124
16 pt. Semi-gloss C1S18" X 12"NP354088*101
19" X 13"NP354424*115

*8 Carton Minimum

TypeGrade SizePart #M Wgt.
Productolith Pts. Digital 10 pt. Semi-gloss C1S18" X 12"NP269524*73
19" X 13"NP274152*83
20" X 14"NP269525*94
12 pt. Semi-gloss C1S18" X 12"NP26952685
19" X 13"NP274154*97
20" X 14"NP269527*110
14 pt. Semi-gloss C1S18" X 12"NP286466*99
19" X 13"NP286468*113
20" X 14"NP286467*128
16 pt. Semi-gloss C1S18" X 12"NP354247*107
19" X 13"NP354427*122

*8 Carton Minimum


n  Versatility, optimal performance on dry and liquid toner printers, color and black & white laser printers and digital offset technologies
n  Guaranteed for digital offset and production laser equipment:
n Xerox iGen3 guaranteed
n HP Indigo certified (Sterling Ultra Digital for HP Indigo)
n Kodak NexPress qualified by the Rochester Institute of Technology
n  Matches sheets, web, text and cover papers within Sterling® Ultra line
n  Superior toner adhesion for better image reproduction
n  Precision cut to prevent paper edge bonding jams and duplex registration issues
n  Guaranteed 7 and 9 pt. for direct mail postal requirements
n  Strict quality control yields ultra-clean paper, reducing paper dust contamination and increasing productivity and equipment life
n  Vapor barrier wrapping to prevent moisture absorption that can lead to curling and jamming
n  Manufactured in North America